Assturd Artur Pawlowski Has Not Been Unlawfully Arrested

Artur Pawlowski being arrested by the Calgary Police Department
A picture of Assturd Artur Pawlowski of Calgary Street Church.
Assturd Artur Pawlowski, spreader of Jesus and super spreader of COVID-19.

Calgary Assturd Artur Pawlowski violated a court order today. Subsequently, the police arrested the Assturd, bringing him to justice. Alberta Health Services obtained this court order in order to enforce the restrictions against unlawful gatherings. These unlawful gatherings include the ones he holds at his Street Church. They also include his work to feed the homeless food, lies, and COVID-19. He is a terrible neighbour and a worse human being.

Pasture [sic] Artur Pawlowski has been illegally arrested and assaulted and we have the exclusive footage!

Kevin J. Johnston, soon-to-be failed mayoral candidate of Calgary, lying to the public about the legal arrest of Assturd Artur Pawlowski. He did so in the same video below where he also tried to dox an employee of Alberta Health Services.

Despite Mayor-Reject Kevin J. Johnston‘s claim to the contrary, I deny fervently the claim that the Assturd was arrested unlawfully. In fact, considering the circumstances of his arrest, Calgary Police arrested him incredibly lawfully. Artur Pawlowski clearly violated the court order. As a result, the Calgary Police Service arrested him. How can anyone claim this is “unlawful”?

Why was Artur Pawlowski’s church service unlawful?

The Assturd of Street Church, Artur Pawlowski, violated the law in several ways. Firstly, the Assturd refused to encourage attendance via Zoom or any other remote platform. Secondly, he refused to enforce social distancing requirements. Thirdly, he refused to enforce mask mandates. As a result, the church service was unlawful. Is this really that hard to understand?

The Assturd's brother, Dawid Pawowski, seen wearing a white armband with the Star of David.
The Assturd’s brother, Dawid Pawowski, seen wearing an armband with the Star of David… because why not add some anti-Semitism to the mix?

As a Jew, I can relate to wanting to go to church but not being able to. I haven’t been to my local synagogue since January 2020. However, we have to take steps to keep each other safe. Part of that is social distancing and mask wearing. The actions we take now could mean the difference between beating the pandemic or the pandemic beating us. However, Assturd Artur Pawlowski refuses to take these important steps to return society to normal.

In other words, the arrest was lawful because Artur Pawlowski didn’t obey the law. In the words of Jim Carrey’s character in the movie “Liar, Liar”:

Artur Pawlowski should stop breaking the law. Asshole.

He Fucked Around and Found Out

So, Calgary Assturd Artur Pawlowski fucked around with the public health restrictions and found out what this meant. Today, he got arrested for his crimes and rightfully so. While we can hope this will have some meaningful change, it’s doubtful. After all, right wingers prove time and time again their unwillingness to learn. The only response that can work and will have a chilling effect on this kind of activity is arresting anyone who engages in it. And I mean, anyone.

Kevin J. Johnston, the mayor-reject of Calgary, was at that church service to give an interview to the media. Why not arrest him? People like Artur Pawlowski and Kevin J. Johnston are too far gone to be expected to reform. Therefore, the only utility enforcement can have in this case is a chilling effect. We must prosecute them so that others won’t violate the public health mandates. We owe it to ourselves and the city that we love.

Kevin J. Johnston says that we should “Make Calgary Great Again”? I concur. Not by doing what he and his ilk say but by rejecting them in the strongest possible terms. Arrest everyone who flouts the public health restrictions and keeps us from reopening safely sooner. Then, and only then, can we Make Calgary Great Again.