An Open Response to Kevin J. Johnston’s Letter to Nate Pike

A group of models posing as attorneys.

Hello Shitface Kevin,

You wrote a letter addressed to Nate Pike that contained a bunch of false accusations of libel (or “LIBLE”, as you put it). Because Nate Pike is a serious candidate for city council who shouldn’t deign to respond to you, I am writing to you instead. Primarily because I am an Internet Shitlord and will happily take you to the cleaners. Also, because I know full well that you hate free speech, given how freely you ban people in your comments who ask how your COVID is going.

You claimed that this statement by Nate contained two lies:

To be clear, Kevin is an individual who has been found guilty of using hate speech in another province and who assaulted a BC store manager only a few months ago who was only attempting to enforce health restrictions in the interest of public safety.

This is, of course, not a defamatory statement. In order for something to be defamatory, it must first be untrue. Truth is the ultimate defence to a claim of defamation. Other content creators have found these things to be true.

Kevin J. Johnston assaulted an innocent store owner

This YouTuber has a video where he has you assaulting the store manager from three different points of view.

Mr. Johnston assaulted this innocent man, unprovoked. He did this presumably for enforcing the mask mandates and protecting his employees’ and customers’ health.

Kevin J. Johnston’s hate speech

Mr. Johnston had linked an innocent Muslim man’s restaurant to terrorist groups such as Boko Haram. As a result, Mr. Johnston was ordered to pay $2.5 million.

Kevin J. Johnston’s Racist Product

Mr. Johnston created a hateful coffee brand called “Wasted Native”.

So, when Mr. Pike made the claim that you have “attempt[ed] to monetize racist products”, he was making a truthful statement. Your claim that Mr. Pike would be “unable to find ONE SINGLE racist comment” you have made is disingenuous at best and outright factually incorrect at worst.

Wrapping It All Up

Finally, YouTuber Schrödinger’s Cat and his researcher, A Marvel Girl, have dug up more information on your hate speech against the Muslim restauranteur and your hateful coffee brand “Wasted Native”.

Additionally, your refusal to take proper precautions against COVID-19 is a threat towards paramedics, who may be required to render medical care to you. Unfortunately, odds are likely you have COVID-19.

Everything in your letter is a blatant lie. If you were “the number one supporter of Paramedics and Fire Fighters in this country”, you’d encourage people to wear masks and stop denying the reality of COVID-19. But you won’t. Hell, I’m not even a Canadian citizen yet and I’m acting more like a citizen than you. Shouldn’t you find that sad, Kevin?

Unfortunately, I am a reasonable woman, so I will grant you the opportunity to correct your false statements. You have until 5pm, on Setting Orange Discord 57th, Year of Our Lady Discord 3187, to publicly apologize to everyone you’ve harmed and to RETRACT all your false statements. Actually, considering there are so many of them, I’ll give you until 5pm, on Boomtime Confusion 1st, Year of Our Lady Discord 3187. The apology will appear on every social media platform you are not currently banned from for no less than 30 days or until the platform decides to ban you for any new lies you come up with, whichever comes first. Failure to comply with the correction of your multitude of errors will result in your funds being GLARDED and placed in a TAX CLODE, which I will serve to you personally.

In closing, I invite you to speak with my attorney, Mr. Barrister John Warosa (or is it Barosa?) if you need any further advice.

Eat shit,

Véronique Bellamy