Transphobic Attorney Becomes a Magistrate Judge

Transphobic attorney, Annette Kundelius, became a transphobic judge in Weld County.

Today, when re-reading through my last post about how transphobes abuse dictionaries and definitions, I learned something horrifying. Annette Kundelius is now a magistrate judge in Weld County. In the same courthouse where she lied about the victim of a brutal murder. Annette Kundelius was the public defender who falsely accused Angie Zapata of being responsible for her own murder just for being transgender. This is horrifying to anyone who cares about justice. How can victims of hate crimes in Weld County get any justice with this hate monger on the bench? In fact, let me remind you of the horrible things transphobic attorney Annette said defending a murderer:

[deadname] Zapata lived like a female, looked like a female, sounded like a female, That’s what Mr. Andrade believed. And when he found it wasn’t Angie, it was actually [deadname], he lost control.

Magistrate Judge Annette Kundelius, defaming a victim of a brutal murder just because she’s trans. Sadly, this kind of mischaracterization of trans people is all too prevalent with transphobic attorneys.

Obviously, the people running Colorado’s Office of Judicial Performance Evaluation are asleep on the job. How could they elevate this transphobic attorney to the bench in light of her abuse of a victim? How did the Attorney General’s office not sanction her?

So, what’s the impact of transphobic attorneys?

Angie Zapata, the woman that transphobic attorney Annette Kundelius mischaracterized as being a "man".
Angie Zapata, the woman that transphobic attorney Annette Kundelius misrepresented as being a “man”.

With judges like Annette Kundelius and Kraig Ecton on the bench, how can trans citizens trust the judiciary? How can we be confident that we can get justice? Clearly, the United States is failing to render adequate state protection to its transgender citizens. If this can happen in Colorado, it’s undoubtedly happening in all 50 states. It happens regardless of which party is in power. It’s high time that trans Americans seriously consider whether we’re safe in the United States or not.

After all, when transphobic attorneys falsely accuse trans people of misrepresenting who we are, that’s a serious problem. When transphobic attorneys claim that the lie we were forced to live growing up was who we “actually” were and that our true selves aren’t “actually” who we are, that’s damaging. That gives license to the bigots and the hate mongers to attack us. To falsely accuse us of being “male” when we are not. It is deceptive, it is insincere, and now, it has the endorsement of the State. When the State rewards a transphobic attorney with a seat on the bench, that’s a problem.