Don’t Go Full Alex Jones, a Response to More Hate Mail on Quora

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones being interviewed.
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So, even though I had made a decision to go on a hiatus from Quora, I find myself continuing to be pulled back into that site. Today’s hate mail is from a man who decided to go full Alex Jones on me in his diatribe. Today’s hate mail comes from Jared Rosenblum, so let’s dig right into it.

Claims being transgender is a “choice”

It is a choice lady to change your gender..

Just make sure that my tax dollars dont go towards your lifestyle choice while I sit here broke for being CoinTelPro and waiting for my 1st stimulus payment while facing eviction because I’m blacklisted from practically every pleasure in my basic life because I’m outspoken about these things

(Cheap fighter )

Of course, he would start off with his fractal wrongness. But alas, no, it is not “a choice” to be transgender. At least, that’s what I assume he means by “to change your gender”. I absolutely plan to address the topic as to why it isn’t a choice to be transgender at a later date. Along with why being transgender isn’t a “lifestyle”.

Oddly enough, he is concerned about his “tax dollars” going towards what I presume is medical care. However, if more tax dollars went to medical care (and yes, this includes care for transgender people) and less went to the military, it would actually greatly improve the standard of living for all Americans. If you want to know why Americans get less for their “tax dollars”, watch this video:

I also have to wonder about the weird capitalization of “CoinTelPro”. I kinda wonder if Jared is trying to refer to the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Programs or not. Also, I wonder why he claims he’s broke because of “CoinTelPro”.

Though, it is no mystery why he is “blacklisted from practically every pleasure” because he chooses to unload his bigotry on people. If you falsely accuse people of being sheep and of “drinking the koolaid [sic]” and things like that, you tend to be ousted from most circles. People don’t tend to like to hang around unhinged people who can’t treat others with respect.

As for what he means by his “Cheap fighter” comment, your guess is as good as mine. With rhetoric like his, I wonder if he watches Alex Jones…

“Deal with it or get help”, as if trans people aren’t already doing that?

It would be a similar concept of being born deaf and learning how to communicate with sign language.. You feel like a boy inside ? Deal with it or get help..

I concur, transgender people should deal with it and get help. In fact, the way transgender people get help for this is by transitioning. By correcting the body, it makes it easier to move about society authentically as who you are.

In fact, every responsible medical and mental health authority advocates for access to transgender health care. Including full coverage of transgender health care by public health care systems. Including:

The American Medical Association

The American Medical Association affirms the need for gender-affirming care. To quote them:

Improving access to gender-affirming care is an important means of improving health outcomes for the transgender population. Receipt of gender-affirming care has been linked to dramatic reductions in the rate of suicide attempts, decreased rates of depression and anxiety, decreased substance use, improved HIV medication adherence, and reduced use of harmful self-prescribed hormones, construction-grade silicone injections and other interventions that have potential to cause adverse events.

This is why the American Medical Association “supports public and private health insurance coverage for treatment of gender dysphoria and opposes the denial of health insurance on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity”.

There are plenty more examples I could cite from many more medical bodies but I think that is suited for a later post.

Again with the claims that living authentically is a “choice”

Changing your gender and being a [transphobic slur] is a choice …

Hardly. Nobody chooses to be transgender. As I mentioned above.

It shows weak character and how much of a sheep people can be..

Jared is totally free to claim that. He’s factually incorrect, but he’s free to claim that. However, transgender people have to face immense pressure when we come out and accept who we are. There is increased discrimination against transgender people in society. Transgender people are routinely denied basic human dignity, even by professionals such as attorneys. Therefore, it is dishonest to claim that being transgender “shows weak character” in any way.

In contrast, what shows “how much of a sheep people can be” is people denying that they are transgender and putting off transition. This results in worse mental health outcomes and higher incidences of suicidal ideation. Therefore, I advocate for trans people to live freely and abundantly as who we are.

The acceptance breeds people who just “dont have any choice”

No, I would argue that the regular process of human reproduction breeds people who just don’t have any choice. After all, I didn’t grow up in an accepting environment. I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian household that tried to brainwash me through a torture camp. I never asked for that.

It’s beginning to look a lot like an incel…

I haven’t had a girlfriend in 3 years, I’m a heterosexual born male..

I wonder if Jared had considered that it might be the way he treats women that could be the cause of this? After all, when you falsely accuse women of being men or male, do you really think they’ll date you?

I know a lot of people in the pick up artist community talk about negging, but trust me. Nobody likes to be negged. Nobody.

I know that I am worthy of alot [sic] of things that Gid [sic] has withheld and stolen from

I imagine you think you are worthy of “alot” of things, but I’m not sure that Gender Identity Disorder was why you think that. Or why you think “Gid [sic] has withheld or stolen [them] from” you. But one thing you’re not “worthy of” is human affection. Especially when you rant and rave like Alex Jones and falsely claim that trans people existing are the cause of your woes.

For those of you not in the know, the diagnosis for transgender people to be able to access care used to be called “gender identity disorder”. However, this has changed in the latest version of the DSM: the DSM-V. This is in an attempt to end the psychopathologization of trans people in light of upcoming updates to the ICD.

Human rights are “ruining our planet”, evidently.

Do the math, with this Rainbow culture lately ruining our planet , you can say that people are exercising their “choices” and adding ding songs to themselves or cutting theirs off.

Actually, I would argue the things that are “ruining our planet” are things like climate change denialism, COVID-19 denialism, and other forms of science denial. Additionally, the kind of bigotry Jared espoused here is “ruining our planet”. The kinds of things crazy people like Alex Jones spout off about on the Internet.

Also, I’m not entirely sure what a “ding song” is. Is this what Jared was talking about?

I believe that is a choice and the excuses of

“Ohhh I have a woman in my body or I am a man born in a womans body”

Is pure junk!! Or lack there of …

You’re free to believe whatever you want. However, you’re not free from the consequences of it. You’re free to believe that you’re wearing clothes when you’re actually buck naked. Although, how hard would you hold that belief once other people react to your nudity? You’re free to believe Alex Jones has “the real news”, but you’d be wrong.

I agree that the phrase “a woman trapped in a man’s body” is inartful and inaccurate. But given the time it arose, we didn’t know a lot about being transgender. We do know more now, that we’re more able to talk about our experiences openly. I intend to write a post about this topic at a later date.

He claims to not be a bully. Sure, Jared.

I am not against or a bully towards those lifestyles, but you sheep are koolaid [sic] drinkers .. It is a big problem when big govt. uses yall [sic] to ruin good Christian people .. Watch this video and it should open your eyes .

Again, being transgender is no more of a lifestyle than being right-handed or having blue eyes. It’s a trait, nothing more.

As for the video he mentioned, this is the video he talked about:

I’m not exactly sure how the hell this is relevant. Maybe it’s some Alex Jones-esque connection which makes no sense at all to sane people. Maybe this is what has been done to him? He is unable to come to sensible conclusions because of the “abundance of information”? Though, I would argue that this supposed KGB defector’s claim that American students are exposed to Marxist or Leninist thought is nonsensical. After all, this is why the right-wing can still fearmonger using the spectre of communism.

Going Full Alex Jones

Don’t eat soy or have a diet that makes you gay!!! Some minds are stronger than others. Wake up before you become a hunger games pawn!!

Oh my god. He did it. He went full Alex Jones. You never go full Alex Jones.

Headshot of conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones.

The idea that eating soy or diet can make someone gay is laughable. It is the kind of crazy bullshit that would be spouted by Alex Jones. Which is why I kept mentioning him. There is literally zero evidence that eating soy or any attributes about a person’s diet could “make someone gay”. In fact, I know of households were there are many children and only one or two wind up coming out in college. Their siblings are heterosexual (presumably), yet they were gay. Why not all of them, given that they ate the same diet?

And yes, I will agree that some minds are stronger than others. My mind is strong enough not to fall for some Alex Jones-level propaganda. I wish yours was too, Jared.

Finally, I fail to see how I would become a “hunger games pawn” because I accept myself for who I am. Because I love myself for who I am. Jared, I know you have become a pawn for the right wing but I sincerely hope that one day, you get the help you need. Meanwhile, I’ll be here, living my best life.

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