Why I am going on hiatus from Quora

Stacked stones. Yuppies think this is a sign of retreat/relaxation for some reason.

So today, I am deciding to go on hiatus from Quora. In case you don’t know, I have over 4,600 answers to questions on Quora. In other words, I’m fairly active on that site. However, a lot of questions on that site seem to be repetitive. I can’t even fathom how many of those answers are to some question that is a variant of:

  • Should trans women be allowed to participate in women’s sport?
  • If I date trans women, what is my sexual orientation?
  • Do you personally believe trans people’s identities are authentic?

Or some other such nonsense. These questions vary based on the asker’s unfamiliarity with trans people. Typically, the questions are demeaning and falsely assume trans people are “biologically” the gender we were erroneously assigned at birth. In response, I say the same things over and over again to questions that are asked and answered.

In short, it is exhausting. So, I’m going on hiatus from Quora.

What do I mean by “hiatus from Quora”?

Well, I mean that I will not answer questions or respond to comments on Quora. However, I will still be asking questions on Quora. But, I feel that a hiatus is necessary to achieve several goals.

Goal #1: Generate and post content here.

A lot of times, questions on Quora have statements that are not consistent with facts. For example, referring to trans women as “biological males” is not factually consistent. But I would like something quick, easy, and fast to link to in order to demonstrate why it’s not factually consistent. I also feel that this would be useful for other social media websites too.

Goal #2: Relax for a bit from the vile hate speech on Quora

For some reason, Quora Moderation seems to be on a hiatus from their job too. So, while they are on hiatus, I’ll go on hiatus too. Recently, I got a lot of hate speech in a particular comment section that made me wonder, why am I doing this? In fact, the last piece of hate mail I got came from Quora.

The reason why I fell in love with Quora was because it was supposed to be better than Facebook. Now, that is no longer the case. Quora moderation doesn’t do a good enough job battling transphobia and transmisogyny on their platform. This is a huge problem.

Goal #3: Write a book while on hiatus

I actually have a couple of drafts of books I’m working on. I figure now is the time to focus on writing a book. It certainly would be a more profitable venture than writing answers to the same handful of questions over and over again.

So, when do I intend to come back to Quora?

I don’t know yet. But I listed three goals that I want to achieve during my hiatus. In a year, I’ll re-evaluate my progress towards these goals and see where I’m at.