My identity crisis.

If you pay attention to me on Twitter, you know that I’m currently making a refugee claim in Canada. In 2019, I left the United States because Cody, my ex-roommate, stalked me. On Monday, I received a USB drive full of body cam footage. Consequently, one of the videos included him claiming I was having an identity crisis because I was transgender. I don’t know why he said this. However, he’s not wrong.

You see, I do have an identity crisis. I suppose that most trans women do. Our identity crisis is that there are people who refuse to respect our identities. There are people who choose to remain blind to the fact that trans women are women. Sadly, they so desperately want us to be seen as something we’re not that they are happy to hurt other women in the process.

Being blacklisted.

Sadly, my personal identity crisis started at a company called Rocket Jones. They fired me because I am transgender and told other people I stole from the company. I literally had to sue them to get them to agree to stop disparaging me but a year later, the damage had already been done. They blackballed me in my industry. I had to think of something.

Hello, Kiwi Farms!

Unfortunately, I have another identity crisis. I was doxxed on Kiwi Farms. A lot of what they have to say about me is patently bullshit and I won’t deign to address any of it. But Cody did cite Kiwi Farms as a source when delving into his rants and raves. So, alas, that’s a problem for me.

He also sent links to the forum to a bunch of people who bought into the insanity and made trouble for me. So, I need to take steps to make sure this never happens again.

I am now the author formerly known as Véronique Bellamy. And I think I’m keeping my new legal name the fuck off the Internet. This is the start of my road to recovery, as I get my life back on track.

Have a lovely day, y’all.